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Financial Aid

SJNRCS through funds provided by the Archdiocese of Atlanta and through GRACE Scholars, Inc. We strive to ensure that a Catholic education is accessible to everyone, regardless of income.  In recent years we have given over $480,000 per year in financial assistance in financial aid.  Individual amounts vary based upon the financial need of each family.  

Start your financial aid application 

The school’s financial assistance program is committed to need-based financial aid.  Archdiocesan-funded tuition assistance is available to active Catholic families and is awarded as a grant. Families requesting financial assistance must complete an application through FACTS. Additionally, a signed Parish Verification Form indicating active status must be on file at the school for consideration for Archdiocesan-funded tuition assistance. Financial aid is offered without regard to race or ethnic origin. All financial aid information provided by families is held in the strictest confidence.

Financial assistance is also available to non-Catholic families.  An application through FACTS must be completed for consideration.

Applications through the FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment are required to be considered for any financial aid or scholarship program.  

Financial aid applications will be available in January 2024.
The deadline to apply is March 1, 2024.

Applying for financial aid does not influence the admission decision. Students are accepted based on academic merit and personal qualities. Applications for financial aid are not addressed until after a student’s application for admission has been considered. Financial aid is not renewed automatically. Families receiving financial aid need to reapply each year.
The FACTS application is available online at the FACTS website. The tuition assistance application must be mailed or completed online by March 1st for the upcoming year, for full consideration.


GRACE Scholarships

The mission of GRACE (Georgia Residents Assisting Children’s Education) Scholars, Inc. is to provide children from families with financial need with greater opportunity to secure a Catholic education. All students receiving GRACE Awards have demonstrated financial need as determined by a third-party analysis of a family’s ability to pay tuition.

Schools in the Archdiocese of Atlanta reserve the right to decline funding from SSOs which do not award scholarships based on financial need. In addition, the maximum amount of SSO scholarships awarded to students in Archdiocesan Schools is the lowest of the following: student’s calculated financial need; 80% of the tuition rate applicable to the student; an index of per-pupil public school spending in Georgia; and, the maximum cap established by the local school.

GRACE Scholars, Inc., welcomes the transfer of funding from one SSO to another as allowed by state law. In these instances, the school reserves the right to award GRACE scholarships in accordance with local procedures.

If you believe that you are eligible for the GRACE Scholarship, which is available in addition to Archdiocesan and school-funded financial aid, please visit the GRACE Scholars website for additional information. All applicants for the GRACE scholarship must apply via FACTS and must also submit a GRACE application and supporting documentation to the school business office.

GRACE applications must be submitted by March 1, 2024.

Grace Scholars Application - Please submit this scholarship application with a copy of your drivers license.