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Lunch Menu

Lunches are provided by SLA Food Management. SLA provides school lunch programs at private and charter schools throughout the Eastern United States. We offer diverse, quality meal selections, every day. All of our menus are registered dietician approved. SLA is dedicated to giving students the best 30 minutes of their day; offering healthy, delicious meal options, served in a friendly, positive dining environment. At SLA, we understand the importance of providing healthy nutritious meals to keep our kids moving throughout the school day. We will be offering multiple meals options, while providing students the ability to select their entrees and side selections, along with fresh fruits and vegetables as a primary item in the meal. Vegetarian options will also be available. We source local ingredients whenever possible.

Lunch Prices: K – 5th – $3.75

6th – 8th – $4.25

Customer Service 407-740-7677


Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm

How To Register for an SLA Account:

Go to www.slalunch.com. Click the “Create an Account” link on the top bar. Fill in the requested registration information. Click “Create Account.”

This will bring you to an “Account Created” page. Click the link to return to the Login page. Now you can log in to your account using your registered e-mail and chosen password.

presented with the Terms & Conditions of our site; read through the document carefully and click “I agree” when you are ready to continue.

How to add students to your SLA account:

Once you login you will be redirected to the “My Account” page. To the top right of the screen click “Add Students”.

Enter the zip code of the school that your student attends. Click “Continue”. Select the school that your

student attends. as they would be spelled on the school roster. Click “Add Student”. Nicknames will not be found in the system.

Your student is now added to the account and will be displayed under the “Student Access” heading.

How to make add funds to your students SLA Account:

Click the “Make Cafeteria Deposit” link on the homepage.

Select your student, and enter the deposit amount in the box displayed and click “Continue”. The ‘minimum deposit’ amount will be $25.00. This amount refers to the total deposit for all family members on your account. You do not need to deposit this amount into each student’s account.

Add to Cart.” On the next screen, click “Check Out” to continue to payment.

Select the method of payment. You can make a deposit in the form of a Bank Draft Transaction or a Credit Card

Payment (we accept VISA and MasterCard). Please note the 2.3% plus $0.50 convenience fee for each credit card and ACH transaction. page if you wish to save this information for future use. If you are planning on setting up automatic deposits, we recommend that you check this box.

Next you will need to enter the payment information. The total deposit amount, including the convenience fee, will be shown at the bottom of the screen. You must check the box to authorize the payment. Click “Process Payment the transaction. Your Transaction Receipt will appear once the payment has completed.