Faculty and Staff

Please use the links below to access teacher information pages for homework, class information, student-friendly websites, and reminders. Email links are included to contact a member of the faculty and staff.

Grade-Level Teachers

Kindergarten / Mrs. Joan Travis (KA) with Instructional Aide Mrs. Terry DelBosque

First Grade / Mrs. Olga Hicks (1A) with Instructional Aide Mrs. Alyson Metzler and Mrs. Patti Kisling

Second Grade / Mrs. Karen Hoban (2A)

Third Grade / Mrs. Stacey Coody (3A) and Mrs. Mary Jarrell (3B)

Fourth Grade / Mrs. Marilyn St. Pierre (4A) and Ms. Mary Calderbank (4B)

Fifth Grade / Mrs. Michelle Wright (5A)

Middle School:

Mrs. Laura Taylor (6A) – Literature
Mrs. Amy Lampert (6B) – Language Arts
Mrs. Emily Snipes (7A) – Social Studies
Ms. Kara Ollick (8B) – Math
Mrs. Margo Wach (8A) – Science
Mrs. Linda Totino  – 8th Grade Religion


Additional Faculty

Ms. Jeanne Batten / Teacher, P.E.

Mrs. Kate Bayer / Media Specialist and Teacher, Computer

Mrs. Sarah Diaz / Teacher, Spanish

Ms. Aisha Guthrie / Teacher, Music

Mrs. Kathy Harbour / Academic Coach and Title I Coordinator

Mrs. Nancy Kulavic / Academic Coaching Coordinator

Mrs. Tyler Patterson / Teacher, Art

Mrs. Linda Totino / Religion Coordinator



Mr. Alex Porto / Principal

Mrs. Laura Ann Wingate / School Counselor

Mr. Frank Ittner / Business Manager

Mrs. Rosa Garcia / Admissions Director

Ms. Diane Beal / Development Director

Ms. Cindy Friend / Receptionist

Mrs. Emily McCormack / Liturgical Music Coordinator

Mrs. Fran Barnett / Clinic Aide

Mr. Wilberto Plaza / Facilities Manager

Ms. Judy Glass / Custodian

Mrs. Karen Rudebeck / EDP Director

Ms. Angelica Barbosa / EDP Staff

Ms. Karina Barbosa / EDP Staff

Mrs. Maria Garcia / EDP Staff