School Crest

Crest of St. John Neumann Regional Catholic School

The crest of St. John Neumann Regional Catholic School was designed to represent the tradition and history of Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Atlanta. When it was founded in 1986, the school was the first elementary school started in 25 years. The colors of the crest — burgundy and gray — represent the school colors and were different than any other school in the Archdiocese. The crest was designed with four quadrants. The upper left quadrant of the crest depicts the fleur-de-lis cross of the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart, the order of sisters who guided the school in the first ten years. The cross also represents the Catholic faith and its presence in the faith formation and education of students. The upper right quadrant is a dove and was the original symbol of the school, chosen by the founding principal. It represents the Holy Spirit and his guidance in our lives. The lower left quadrant pictures a circle of children holding hands. When students work together in harmony, they can achieve their best. The lower right quadrant holds three books — reading, religion, and math. The trio of books reminds us that although knowledge is our goal, religion and the Catholic faith are at the center of our curriculum.

The banner that surrounds the crest represents the origins of the school — founded as a regional school to serve more than one parish. While administered independently form the parishes we serve, all parishes support the school. St. John Neumann Regional Catholic School was the beginning of a new era in Catholic education for the Archdiocese of Atlanta.

2012 commemorative logoThe school celebrated its 25th Anniversary during the 2010 — 2011 school year. After that commemorative year, a new logo was created from this design to be used in conjunction with the crest. The dove and the font from the original crest were retained and incorporated into the new design to remind us of our past. The swirl of the new design unites the community of the SJN Church with the community of the Regional Catholic School — although managed separately, both church and school are on the same property and use some of the same space. The new logo was designed to take the school and its mission into the next generation. Throughout its history, St. John Neumann Regional Catholic School has achieved its mission to provide students a quality education that fosters and reflects Gospel values in a Catholic environment.